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Some people are under the impression that budgies (budgerigar parakeets) aren’t trainable because they are so small. Quite a few people, in fact, think budgies aren’t even real parrots. Not only are they parrots, check out this guy’s very entertaining comedy act comprised of trick trained budgies. (He’s saying “Allez, allez!” which means “let’s go” […]


A chained sequence of behaviors results in this cute trick: Max the Quaker Parrot climbs down a pole, drags a firehose up a ladder, rescues a “baby” and brings it to a waiting ambulance. (She also shakes hands and turns on cue.) The owner of the video doesn’t explain how he taught his Quaker Parrot […]

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African Greys are known to be excellent talkers, but it seems like when it comes to singing it’s the Amazons that have the better set of pipes. So the following video made my day twice over. Listen to how well the words are articulated! My favorite holiday parrot video so far: Happy Holidays everybody!