Bird Travel Cages & Travel Carriers

Poquito Avian Hotel Parrot Travel Cage

You got a fantastic deal on a huge cage for your parrot, a little birdie mansion of his own; but how do you take your bird anywhere when you can’t fit his cage through the door? A bird’s travel cage functions like a carrier that allows you to take your bird places you need to go (like the vet!).

Here you can find many different types of bird travel cages and carriers for your parrot, including acrylic carriers (like the Wingabago) and birdie backpacks.

Tip: Also check out our bird cages under $100 for other cages that would be appropriate to use as travel carriers. Those little cages marketed as “cockatiel cages” are often not large enough for cockatiels to actually live in, but they make good transport cages for smaller parrots.