Parrot Tricks

Some people are under the impression that budgies (budgerigar parakeets) aren’t trainable because they are so small. Quite a few people, in fact, think budgies aren’t even real parrots. Not only are they parrots, check out this guy’s very entertaining comedy act comprised of trick trained budgies. (He’s saying “Allez, allez!” which means “let’s go” […]


Holy crap, this is amazing! Even if the owner is coaching the parrot off-screen somehow (though there hardly seems time), that’s still pretty amazing. Keep in mind that the bird needs to be able to read Arabic numerals in order to do the math, thenĀ  do the addition and subtraction, plus be able to count […]

A chained sequence of behaviors results in this cute trick: Max the Quaker Parrot climbs down a pole, drags a firehose up a ladder, rescues a “baby” and brings it to a waiting ambulance. (She also shakes hands and turns on cue.) The owner of the video doesn’t explain how he taught his Quaker Parrot […]

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Check out the two-on-two full-court basketball action as two Greys and two Eclectus battle it out in this epic game of hoops! Some great defense. And the birds do a great job not biting each other, thus avoiding personal fouls. (Or would that be “fowls”?) If you’re interested in training your parrot to perform tricks […]


AJ the ringneck parakeet has a whole slew of fun tricks he learned through positive reinforcement training. Watch as this small parrot plays ball on a miniature basketball court. Interested in teaching your parrot to do cool tricks like this bird? Clicker training can be used to teach all sorts of fun behaviors in a […]