About Discount Parrot Supplies

DiscountParrotSupplies.com organizes great deals on parrot cages and cheap bird supplies from sites like Amazon.com. Just navigate the site to find bird cages for sale (as well as parrot toys, travel carriers, parrot playstands, books on parrot training and care, and more), then purchase your product from one of the most trusted sites on the Internet.

A portion of the profit we make referring sales of quality parrot products will be donated to Phoenix Landing — a parrot adoption and rescue organization operating in DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and other states along the East Coast.

A message from Ann Brooks, Founder of The Phoenix Landing Foundation:

The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a non-profit welfare organization dedicated to helping parrots, from parakeets to macaws. Birds have long life spans, and their care is unique. Phoenix Landing operates adoption and education programs in seven east coast states, caring for hundreds of birds in foster and hosting countless education and outreach events. These extensive accomplishments are possible only through the hard work of many, many amazing volunteers and through donations from generous individuals and sites like DiscountParrotSupplies.com.

An incredible number of parrots need new homes. Some are from true rescue situations, but most come from loving families whose lives have changed. With so many in foster, and numerous others waiting for our help, we hope you will consider adoption first!

A bird’s well-being depends on you and the care that you provide. It doesn’t matter how old a bird is, or where they’ve come from; every parrot has the potential to be an incredible member of the family. To set you and your parrot up for success, it’s important to learn about quality parrot care, such as health, nutrition, behavior, enrichment, and exercise.

One very important investment is buying a proper cage. You want a cage that: is super-spacious for your bird, not just sized to your living room; is well-built for long term sustainability; has the proper bar spacing; and provides for all the activities your bird should have access to such as flapping, foraging, exploring and exercising.

Discount Parrot Supplies can help you find the right cage for your bird; and when you buy through this site, you also help support the Phoenix Landing Foundation!