Parrot Training & Props

Interested in training your parrot to do tricks? Parrot trick training can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your bird. Clicker training is also the best way to tame and train a bird, and build a strong trust-based bond. Impress your friends by teaching your parrot tricks like fetch, basketball, color discrimination, wave, shake, “big eagle”, running an obstacle course, solving puzzles and more.

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Clicker Training for Birds Book

Clicker Training for Birds

  • Teach your bird to “step up” and much more
  • Stop your bird from biting
  • Learn to discourage screaming for attention
  • A FUN way to interact with your bird
  • The best way to get your untame bird to trust you
  • Build trust by only using positive reinforcement
  • End unwanted behaviors without punishment

Ready to get started? Learn how to clicker train your parrot with Clicker Training for Birds: Getting Started. This bird training book by Melinda Johnson includes step-by-step instructions for training a variety of behaviors, as well as explanations of the principles behind operant conditioning and why positive reinforcement works.

Bird Clickers for Clicker Training

Only need the bird clicker? Browse for a selection of clickers to use for parrot clicker training and learn what a clicker is and how to use one.

I-click bird clicker

Other Bird Training Books and DVDs

Check out additional training books, DVDs and video clips by Barbara Heidenreich.

The Parrot Problem Solver Good Bird! Guide to Solving Problem Behaviors Barbara Heidenreich DVD #1