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The various species of macaws are the largest companion birds in the world. Not only can they weigh several pounds (that’s a big deal since many parrots are usually weighed in grams) but their long tails and massive wing spans really means they require a lot of space just to be able to comfortably turn […]


Budgerigars (a.k.a. “budgies”), often simply called “parakeets” in America, are one of the most popular species of pet birds. But most people don’t realize that budgies are actually little parrots. And like all parrots, budgies are super smart and need mental and environmental enrichment, a great diet, appropriate toys, and lots of attention and playtime. […]


Finches have very different needs than parrots, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give careful thought to providing a great cage environment for these small birds. Though they might not be as large or playful as parrots, they do need a lot of room (none of those awful decorative cages that hang in the corner, […]


Cape Parrots are largest of the Poicephalus family of parrots, native to Africa. They are a short-tailed species with distinctive, large beaks. Size-wise, they could be considered similar to the African Grey parrot, although they don’t resemble each other. If you have a Cape parrot or are considering buying a cape, we encourage you to […]


Cockatoo Cages - Zoe on her swing

It is critical that cockatoos have large cages that provide lots of room to move and a variety of enrichment opportunities. Check out these tips and examples of cages appropriate for cockatoos, along with ideas for cage setups and layouts.


Pionus Cages

Pionus are one of the best-kept secrets in the parrot world, but they appear to be gaining in popularity. They have a reputation for being “perch potatoes” but I’m not sure they deserve that rep. The pionus we know may not be quite as hyperactive as some species, but they do enjoy playing with toys, […]


Sun Conure Cage Set-Ups

Conures are very active birds that need lots of room to play and a variety of toys to keep themselves occupied. A conure whose cage is too small could develop behavioral issues, such as screaming or plucking. Your parrot’s cage should include 4-5 different perches, and at least 4 or 5 different types of toys […]


Post image for Bird Cages: African Grey Cage Setup

African Grey parrots are not typically known as very “active” birds, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be happy in a tiny cage that doesn’t allow them ample room to flap their wings, climb and move around. Your cage set up should ensure that your African Grey’s cage has several types of perches, food and water […]


African Grey bird cage

Choosing a good bird cage for a parrot starts with understanding what cage size is best for your bird, but it doesn’t end there. Below are some frequently asked questions about picking the best parrot cage. What’s the right size for a bird cage? The appropriate size for your bird’s cage depends on the size […]

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