5 Free Resources for Parrot Enrichment Ideas

Much has been written about why foraging is important and how easy it is to begin adding enrichment and mental stimulation to your bird’s life.

It’s exciting that there seems to be growing interest in enrichment and foraging for parrots. Luckily there are also a growing number of great foraging resources available — many of them free in the form of websites and blogs by people who have dedicated themselves to incorporating enrichment into every aspect of their birds’ lives.

Here are 5 free resources for do-it-yourself foraging ideas, as well as reviews and discussions about popular foraging toys.

Feathers and Forage: Foraging ideas for small parrots — This blog has lots of great DIY foraging ideas, especially for smaller birds. There are a lot fewer commercially available foraging toys for smaller birds, so it’s great to see someone concentrating on foraging toys for budgies and cockatiels.

Foraging for Parrots — This website provides step-by-step instructions and photos for easy enrichment and foraging ideas that anyone can put into practice right away. Foraging toys don’t need to be expensive; this site shows you how to make toys out of everyday items you already have.

Captive Foraging for Parrots: Let birds be birds This is a Live Journal community blog where members post reviews of foraging toys, often with photos and videos of their parrots trying out various foraging puzzles.

Parrot Enrichment– Kris Porter is the author of The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book (Volumes I & II), two free e-books that you’ll also find promoted on many websites dedicated to improving the lives of pet parrots. Because of the high demand for those resources, Kris put up a website with additional information on foraging and enrichment (plus info on nutrition, training and more). Check out Parrot Enrichment for photos, videos and lots of DIY foraging toy ideas. Don’t forget to download the free e-books!

Enrichment for Captive Parrots — This is a Facebook Group dedicated to enriching the lives of pet birds. The group features discussions on how to encourage foraging, ideas for DIY foraging toys, reviews of store-bought toys, and links to good websites.

Those are just a few of the free sites and blogs dedicated to teaching the companion parrot world about the importance (and fun) of keeping our parrots’ minds challenged.

Also take a look at this CAPTIVE FORAGING: DVD put together by a Scott Echols, DVM, Dipl ABVP.

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Excellent website.
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