Max the Quaker Parrot Plays Fireman

A chained sequence of behaviors results in this cute trick: Max the Quaker Parrot climbs down a pole, drags a firehose up a ladder, rescues a "baby" and brings it to a waiting ambulance. (She also shakes hands and turns on cue.)

The owner of the video doesn't explain how he taught his Quaker Parrot this trick, but it can be broken down into two simple behaviors: climb a ladder and fetch. Great example of how to chain simple "beginner" tricks into a more complicated-looking sequence.

Learn more about parrot training and props.

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Steve Kuehl January 24, 2010 at 12:59 pm

I am the owner of Max (Maxine) the Quaker in the video. Max and my other bird a Painted Conure Chase, go out and perform for audiances in Ontario Canada. Between the two birds we can put on a 45 min. show with the many tricks that I have taught them using positive reinforcement. Check out more videos and information at

Thank you
Steve Kuehl

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