Gift Ideas for Parrot Lovers

Wondering what to give to that bird person in your life?

While we do not advise getting your loved one a pet parrot as a gift, you can delight them by giving a present that recognizes their passion.

Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Parrots

Pet Portrait – A wonderful personal gift for a bird lover is to commission a custom painting of their beloved pets. It’s unique idea your friends are sure to love. Here are some tips for taking or choosing good photos of parrots to be painted.

Last-minute gifts – Shop at CafePress for fun (and sometimes kitschy) parrot gear, parrot bumper stickers, parrot-themed t-shirts, buttons and more. Or find fun novelty items like Parrot Shape Corkscrew Wine Opener (Blue) on sites like Amazon.

Nature Videos, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs – PBS has several great videos for bird lovers. For parrot lovers, we recommend:

Pet Sitting Voucher – If you’re on a budget, how about a home-made gift voucher for bird-sitting services! Bird owners often complain how hard it is to go on vacation because of the difficulty lining up someone who can take care of their parrots. Most are just not comfortable boarding their birds someplace, and most sitters will only come by to feed (and walk) pets, but not give the sort of one-on-one attention a bird may require. Create your own pet sitting gift certificate/voucher as a pledge to take care of your friend’s birds and you might just win “best gift of the year” award.

Donation to a Parrot Rescue/Sanctuary/Conservation Group – Not into material gifts but still want to show you care (while doing something good)? Donate to a parrot rescue organization, shelter or adoption group in your loved one’s name. (Bonus: It’s tax deductible!) Organizations like Phoenix Landing Foundation, The Gabriel Foundation, the World Parrot Trust, Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue all do wonderful work to help parrots.

Presents for Those Who Want a Parrot

Is a loved one getting ready to bring a bird home a bird? Help them prep for their new companion by helping them with supplies. A new bird owner will need books about parrot behavior and care, a variety of toys, and some bird training DVDs. A care package with some of these items will surely be appreciated. Food and treats are best left to the new owner who will have a better sense of what the new bird eats.

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